Tanks Bolted: Smooth Wall and Corrugated Tanks/Installation

Tanks Bolted: Smooth Wall and Corrugated Tanks/Installation

The Eagle Group has the ability to handle systems erections that include dry smooth wall bolted tanks. A project manager oversees and instructs the complete project.

Bolted, corrugated, galvanized steel silos are the lowest cost solution to your raw material storage requirements. Corrugated steel silos are available in 453 to 7,200 cubic feet capacities.

Factory coated, bolted steel construction silos are available in standard sizes ranging from 9 feet diameter to 55 feet diameter. Capacities range from 1,275 cubic feet to 96,470 cubic feet.

Silo includes:

  • 10° roof with top perimeter guard rail
  • toe board
  • 22” diameter center roof opening
  • 16.5” x 16.5” bottom mounting flange.

Optional accessories:

  • crosswalk
  • landing platform
  • side ladder
  • safety cage.

Meets OSHA specifications.
Silos are designed for 45 lbs./cubic feet of free flowing materials. Larger capacity silos are available depending on the type of material to be contained.

A full compliment of silo filling, unloading, and inventory measurement equipment is available.

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